A Precious Experiment: Unshod Quills – 6/2011 to 11/2013

November 21, 2013

Dear Readers,

It turns out that nothing lives forever. Every time I realize that, I realize it anew. It’s never any less shocking.

We have decided to cease publication of Unshod Quills.

Thank you all for your support, advice, financial donations, visits, submissions and contributions.

Thanks most of all to Donald Rilea, Sam Snoek-Brown, Brian Tibbetts and Holly Hinkle for their help, love and support. We had a great team, and it made us great.

UQ will stay at this URL, ad-free, until we run out of donations given by our readers to keep it here. That will be for at least one more year. After that, it will be here, but findable by search engine inquiry only. The URL will change.

Thank you all who read us: with no advertising money to spend, and no fancy SEO package, UQ was visited 68,000 times since its first issue on June 1, 2011. That’s word of mouth, which to us is the most honest word of all.

We as editors loved the chance to publish little-known or never before published poets, writers and artists – this was the biggest pleasure we took. Knowing the words of those people were seen is a good feeling.

There are a lot of literary journals online, but each one is different, and this one was yours. Thank you for reading and contributing. Our work here has been a precious experiment and we will miss it very much.

There is a chance UQ might come back one day, published by someone else. Never say never, as a few folks have shown interest in taking over. Until then, we leave you with a list of names of those we’ve published. Some names are repeated. Those people contributed more than one time over the years.
Thank you. We are ever grateful.

Pandemically yours,

Dena Rash Guzman & Wendy G. Ellis
Portland, Oregon & Intercourse, Pennsylvania

Past Contributors:

A. Molotkov
Amy Sewart Ford
Andrew Hall
Anthony Bondi
Dena Rash Guzman and Anthony Bondi
Björn Wahlström
Chad Reynolds
David Curtis
David Curtis and Dena Rash Guzman
Dayvid Jann Figler
Dena Rash Guzman and VIV G
Dittow & Scuter Tornieri and Spin & Rosemary Lombardo
Eva Steil
Fork Burke
Francesca Castano & Carmen Castano Mendez
German Santanilla
Gregory Crosby
James H. Duncan
Jamie Iredell
Jason Mashak
Jason Quiggle
Jeffrey Bennington Grindley
Jillian Brall
Joe Seacrest
John Emmons
John Sibley Williams
Josh Stenberg
Kevin Sampsell
Kevin Weidemann
Mark Brunke
Morag Dhu
Naoko Fujmoto
Peter Halasz
Posie Currin
Renee Reynolds
Robert Meyer
Ron Rash
S. C. Gordon
Tammy Lynne Stoner
Wayne Miller
Wendy Ellis
William Ellis
x. joloronde
Yolanda Mora
Bjorn Wahlstrom
Catherine Platt
Chloe Caldwell
Chris Leja
Cooper Lee Bombardier
Feature – Video Poems by Zachary Schomburg ft. Emily Kendal Frey; and Mary Ann Sullivan
Feature – China vs. America: Pandemic Diplomacy – Poetry, Art and Fiction – Lucinda Holmes, Renee Reynolds, Mark Talacko, Ginger wRong Chen, Katrina Hamlin, Jason Lasky, Wendy Ellis, Viv G, Jillian Brall, Jason Mashak, Mark Brunke, Dena Rash Guzman
Gary Beck
Jaimie Gusman
Jason Mashak
Jillian Brall
Joseph Taylor Golding – Featured Artist, September
Kira Clark
Maggie Ellis
Mark Brunke
Mark Olival-Bartley
Raudiel Sañudo
Riley Michael Parker, Featured Author: September
Rosemary Lombard
Stephen Caratzas
William Ellis
Yolanda Mora
Brian Tibbetts
Catherine Woodard – Featured Poet
David Tomaloff
Frank Reardon
Gray Brian Thomas
Holly Hinkle
James H. Duncan – Featured Poet
Jason Herzog
Jenny Forrester
Jenny Hayes
Jimmy Burns
Kevin Sampsell
Kevin Shea
Khadija Anderson
M. Kline
Matty Byloos
Nancy Flynn
Robert Meyer
Rusty Barnes
Ryan Werner
Sugahtank John Roubanis – Featured Artist
Terry Faust
Timothy Gager
Valery Petrovsky
W.M. Butler
x. joloronde
Ed Steele
Gregory Crosby
Jessica Swenson
Bjorn Wahlstrom
Meg Tuite — Featured Writer
Scott Thomas — Featured Artist
Ginger Bruner
Ryder Collins
David Foote
Jesse Bradley
Mark Brunke
Tammy Stoner
Tamara Kelly
Ryan Werner
Golda Dwass
Sean H. Doyle — Featured Writer –NonFiction
Michael Juliani
Samuel Snoek-Brown
Maggie Ellis
Jane Gilday –Featured Poet
Jennifer Tomaloff
Jeff Pike
Ashley Bovan
Adam E. Stone
Allison Duncan
Anthony Bondi
Carrie Seitzinger
dado gyure
Dalton C. Brink
Dan Raphael
Dena Rash Guzman
Donald Dunbar
Donald Rilea
Ellen Kombiyil
Featured Artist – Barbara K. Anderlič
Featured Artist – Sue Anne Tay
Featured Poet – Jason Mashak
Featured Poet – Tim Tomlinson
Featured Video Artist – Swoon (Marc Neys)
Fork Burke
Gregory Sherl
Helen Vitoria
James Claffey
Jerimiah Whitlock
Jessica Celebre
Judith Ossello
Katharine Hargreaves
Magdalen Powers
Maria Garcia Teutsch
Mat Gould
Matthew Lubin
Matthew Weiser
Michael Martin
Mike Meraz
Monica Storss
Patrick Bahls
Paul David Adkins
Peter Wullen
Reuben Nisenfeld
Ryanne Hoogeboom
Shanna Germain
Sheri Wright
Stella Padnos-Shea
Stephen Sheffield
Wendy Ellis
William S. Tribell
Camille Thigpen
Chris Cottrell
Eirik Gumeny
Featured Artist – Evan B. Harris
Featured Artist – Matthew Wong
Featured Poet – Tammy Ho Lai-Ming
Featured Writer – Miles Klee
James H. Duncan
John Barrios
Matthew Burnside
Nancy Flynn
Paul David Adkins
Penina Finger
Reid Mitchell
Sina Evans
Special Feature: The People’s Apocalypse
Taylor Geiger
Tim Tomlinson
Timothy Gager
Yevgeniy Levitskiy
Yolanda Mora
Anthony Bondi
Brad Garber
Brian Ellis
Calvin Walker
Christopher Luna
Clyde Kessler
Derrick Martin-Campbell
Evelyn Sharenov
Featured Art: Chuck Kaiser
Featured Nonfiction: Nicolette Wong
Featured Poetry – Ruth Sabath Rosenthal
Hosho McCreesh
Jamie Iredell
Jason M. Vaughn
Jennifer Hill
Johnny No Bueno
JP Reese
Julia Gordon-Bramer
Katrina Hamlin & Bjorn Wahlstrom
Kyle Hemmings
Mark Brunke
Mark Russell
Michael Haeflinger
Michael Lambert
Miodrag Kojadinovic
Oliver Dybing
Patrick Bahls
Robin Silver
Samuel Snoek-Brown
Tatiana Ryckman
Tom Mangione
W.M. Butler A.M. O’Malley – Poetry
AK Mimi Allin – Visual Poetry
Amy Temple Harper – Poetry
Anna Fonte – Prose
Brandon Alan – Poetry
Brian Spears – Poetry
Casey Weldon – Paintings
David Wong Hsien Ming – Poetry
Domi J. Shoemaker – Prose
Elizabeth McLagan – Poetry
Estel Vilar – Poetry
J. Adam Collins – Poetry
James H. Duncan – Poetry
Jennifer Robin – Prose
Jenny Forrester – Prose
Josh Fernandez – Prose
Josh Stenberg – Poetry
Justin Lawrence Daugherty – Prose
Karen Greenbaum-Maya – Poetry
Kerry Rawlinson – Poetry
KMA Sullivan – Poetry
Le Hinton – Poetry
Margaret Garcia – Poetry
Melissa Reddish – Poetry
Mickael Jou – Photography
Molly Gaudry – Poetry
Monica Storss – Poetry
Nikki Magennis – Poetry
Tarin Towers – Poetry
Taylor Ray – Poetry
Tim J. Brennan – Poetry
W.M. Butler – Photography
Wendy Chin-Tanner – Poetry