Josh Stenberg

2013/08/12 § Leave a comment

On the theme of Envy


what is it like to live in a shampoo ad?
flick tug pull at my hair. how it gleams,
how its split ends are healed, how the
instant shiny-haired friends go shopping
with me shiningly and the enemies go
mad with envy. i spend all my time with
accented hairdressers who live in clean
white imaginary worlds full of hair. all
i can think of his hair. do i have the right
shampoo? is it right for my special personal
touch? armageddon at a dandruff flake.
lots of people in this country have no place
to shit.

Artist Biography

Josh Stenberg is a writer and translator, born in Vancouver but living in China. His fiction and poetry have been published in Vancouver Review, FreeFall (upcoming), Kartika Review, The Asia Literary Review as well as in publications in other places he has lived, from Indonesia to Brazil. He also had two poems in the inaugural issue of Unshod Quills.


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