Estel Vilar

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On the themes of Life Cycle and Envy

Escarabat Tortuga

Aquesta és la historia de l’Escarabat Tortuga:
Va aparèixer fa uns dies a l’ampit de la finestra. Volia conversa.

Avui ha tornat a aparèixer, damunt les banderes tibetanes que ma germana va enviar del Nepal, i m’ha dit que li agrada el vermell.

Després ha fet una demostració d’equilibrismes a la corda al vent.

I llavors ha anat a dormir a l’ombra, no fos cas que es cansés.

Turtle Beetle

This is the story about the Turtle Beetle:
I met it a few days ago on the kitchen widow’s threshold. It was eager to talk.

Today it appeared again, on the Tibetan flags my sister sent from Nepal, and told me red is nice.

Then showed off its equilibrium skills on the rope in the wind.

Finally it went to sleep in the shade, to make sure it wouldn’t exhaust itself.

The Turtle Beetle

The Turtle Beetle

Many sisters

you’re looking stunning.
Your eyes are green with envy
Your red hair is in flames
The fire of ambition, that burns.

you’re very pretty
But you shall never be the prettiest
Your stunning beauty will decay, anyway
will find your heart empty, and you’ll break

your tongue is pointed
How can you kiss with this same mouth?
When it sounds, I ache
I cover my ears, and I look away

She could have
many sisters
They wouldn’t feel
so lonely any more.

And she could be
your sister too
but she’s too scared
of your stunning beauty.

Artist Biography

Conceived under the stars in a remote house with no electricity or running water and raised in a mountain village of bourgeois summer villas, Estel expanded away from Paradise into the modern world of hectic dreaming and globalized chaos. Adopted by the maternal city of Shanghai, she started to forgive human destructive mistakes. She is currently trying to perform miracles.


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